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Tape graphicJen Hesseltine sitting at a desk while using markers to write on a large pad of paper
Tape graphicJen Hesseltine sitting at a desk with a large pad of paper, sticky notes, and markers
Tape graphicJen Hesseltine sitting at a desk while holding up a notecard that she just wrote on with a marker

Education for a New Generation

Collaborative Workshopping and Rich Learning Experiences

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At Marker Box, we work with teachers, museum educators, and other education professionals to co-create transformative educational experiences. At our core, we believe in the power of partnership – blending the art of teaching with the science of learning through custom-tailored professional development and curriculum design.

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Our commitment is to create deep connections by crafting learning experiences rich in meaning, inclusivity, curiosity, and creativity.

Tailored Learning Experiences for a New Generation of Learners

Empowering Educators, Enriching Communities

At Marker Box, we specialize in meaningful, real-world educational experiences. Our Professional Development, Curriculum Design, and Coaching services are tailored to meet the evolving needs of educators, ensuring that learning is not just effective but transformative.

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Marker Box. Education for a New Generation. Collaborative Workshopping and Rich Learning Experiences.
Marker Box. Education for a New Generation. Collaborative Workshopping and Rich Learning Experiences.
Marker Box. Education for a New Generation. Collaborative Workshopping and Rich Learning Experiences.
Marker Box. Education for a New Generation. Collaborative Workshopping and Rich Learning Experiences.

Who YOU Are:

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We collaborate with K12 teachers and administrators, museum educators, community organizations, historical sites, libraries, science centers, community maker spaces, art organizations, incubators, innovation hubs, public parks, and more, to unlock strategies, resources, and tools for next-generation learning.

Who WE Are:

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Our focus is on doing what's best for students and teachers through hands-on professional development with facilitated work time, engaging lesson design, and meeting educational learning standards.


K-12 Public & Private Education

Hey Teachers, We See YOU!

Just like a marker boldly sketches beyond the lines, you teach kids superpowers every day. At Marker Box, we're not just your supporters; we're your partners, working together to honor and elevate your impactful role in education.

Professional Development Workshops, Curriculum Design, and New Teacher Coaching for Public Schools, School Districts, Private and Charter Schools, Federal and State Education Organizations, and Consortiums

Service Details

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Professional Development Workshops

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Curriculum Design & Alignment

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New Teacher Coaching

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Collaborative Ideation

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Educational Technology Integration

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Specialized Programs

Museums & Community Organizations

Custom School and Youth Program Development, Educator Professional Development, Curriculum Design and Alignment, In-Person and Virtual K12 Field Trip Design for Museums, Historical Societies, Libraries, Community Makerspaces, Art Organizations, Incubators, Innovation Hubs, Public Parks, and Science Centers

Service Details

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Program Development & Alignment

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Professional Development for Educators

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Curriculum & Exhibit Alignment

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Co-Design of Educational Spaces

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Rich Curriculum Design

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Teacher Advisory Programs

Jen Hesseltine leading a Marker Box Education Consulting workshop

Hands-on Education Workshops that Inspire Action

Practical Tools to Engage, Collaborate, and Excel

We Don’t Talk At You

Experience the power of active learning with Marker Box workshops. Designed for teachers, museum educators, and other education professions, our sessions are about doing and creating, not just listening. Here, you'll develop compelling lessons, explore new teaching methods, and design engaging educational programs with your colleagues. It's professional development that's hands-on, collaborative, and genuinely impactful.

Connecting Through Educational Gatherings:Upcoming Events

Bringing educators together for collaborative learning and creating.

Marker Box invites you to our upcoming events, where the spirit of education and community come alive. We host a range of workshops designed to inspire, learn, and create connections. Join us in these collaborative events; whether online or face-to-face, each event is a step toward innovative practices and lifelong learning.

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Upcoming Event:A Virtual Coaching Series for Museum Educators & School Program Professionals

Jen Hesseltine leading a Marker Box Education Consulting event
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At the Intersection of K12 Education and Community: Jen Hesseltine

Fostering Authentic Learning Experiences

Jennifer Hesseltine is more than just the founder of Marker Box; she's a guiding force in the educational community. With a rich background as a former teacher and a current designer of learning experiences, Jen brings a unique blend of passion, expertise, and creative insight to the field. Her journey from the classroom to leading Marker Box is fueled by a desire to inspire a love of learning that transcends traditional boundaries.

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The Approach

Jen’s approach is deeply rooted in collaboration and partnership.She sees herself not just as a consultant, but as a colleague who joins your team, sharing your goals and challenges. Her focus is on empowering teachers, museum educators, and other education professionals with strategies and insights that are practical, forward-thinking, and always centered on real-world application.

Her work extends beyond conventional professional development; Jen is committed to co-creating learning experiences that are joyful, inclusive, and deeply engaging. She's known for her ability to connect educational theory with the vibrant world of everyday learning, making each project with Marker Box a journey toward impactful education.

Join Jen and the Marker Box team in redefining what education can be – a journey of curiosity, connection, and continual growth.

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Community Voices:
Stories from Our Collaborative Journey

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Real Stories: Lasting Impact

In the words of those we've partnered with, discover the true impact of Marker Box. Straight from our anonymous evaluations, our community's testimonials reflect our values of authenticity, collaboration, and community.

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“I am thankful for this opportunity. Jennifer Hesseltine is a fabulous facilitator! I appreciate her caring personality!”

Teacher in a recent Workshop

“Jen did a phenomenal job, she created an environment where I didn't feel pressured to speak and certainly not pressured to say the "correct" things.”

New Teacher

“It was amazing! The whole series should be repeated next school year.”

CTE Teacher

“Thank you…for your dedication to our programming over the last several months, it has been almost a year since we first connected! I am so grateful!”

Museum Educator

“I have worked on several projects with Jennifer, whatever we collaborate on together is gold! She is a great listener, professional, practical, and passionate.”

School District Administrator

Spotlight on Education:Jen Hesseltine in the Press

Jen's insights and approaches, featured in various media outlets, highlight our collective endeavor to shape a future-ready education, from the TED-Ed Blog to Education Week.

Her features, which span a diverse range of media outlets, showcase her unique perspective and innovative approaches to teaching and curriculum development. These appearances are a testament to her deep commitment to enhancing educational practices and actively participating in shaping the discourse on next-generation education. Beyond highlighting Marker Box's dedication to transformative education, Jen's media engagements represent a meaningful connection with the broader educational community, contributing to vital conversations about the future of education.

Certified National Geographic Educator badge
Certified National Geographic Educator badge
Certified National Geographic Educator badge
Certified National Geographic Educator badge
Certified National Geographic Educator badge
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Stay Connected with Marker Box

Your Hub for Educational Collaboration and Inspiration

The Marker Box community is always growing, and always learning. Step into our world of shared learning and be part of a movement that's redefining education, one innovative step at a time.

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